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OCAC Holds the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star Selection Online Information Session to Welcome Youth Business Participation

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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has organized the "Global Young Entrepreneurs' Star Selection" on an annual basis starting 2021, with the aim to help youth businesses grow and thrive around the world; every year, 30 top youth businesses are selected through the event. On March 15 this year, the OCAC held the "2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star Selection Online Information Session" on its official Facebook page so that youth businesses overseas could better understand the Selection's application details. 

Minister Chia-Ching Hsu's presentation was pre-recorded and shown at the Online Information Session, in which she stated that overseas Taiwanese businesses are important pillars of support for Taiwan deployed around the world. She said that the resources, capital, and local networks that the second and third generation youth businesses now possess are stronger than ever before, and she welcomes brilliant youth businesses around the world to apply and participate in the Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection, through which "YES, I AM" may be consolidated into "YES, WE ARE!"

The Online Session first showed a video explaining the details of this year's event, its application methods, evaluation indices, document submission procedures, and following consultation content, then last year's award winners Tintin Chien (Sweden) and Richard Lee (New Zealand) shared their experiences with the audience, they also gave detailed explanations to questions raised by youth businesses concerning eligibility, submissions and preparations. 

The application for the "2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star Selection" ends at 5pm on April 19, 2023. Award winners will enjoy benefits such as receiving one on one consultation services and resources from professional consultants and corporate practitioners, being accepted into exclusive clubs, and also gaining a Global Young Entrepreneur Star exclusive credit guarantee provided by the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund (Taiwan). The OCAC welcomes youth business leaders or executive level managers under the age of 40 to apply for the Selection. For more information and details concerning the Selection, please visit the OCAC Global Young Entrepreneur Star Selection website (http://YES.Taiwan-World.Net), or join the Selection's official LINE account ( 

The Selection's Online Information Session link:

OCAC Minister Chia-Ching Hsu encourages brilliant overseas youth businesses to participate in the Young Entrepreneur Star Selection.
2022 Sweden Young Entrepreneur Star Awardee Tintin Chien experience sharing.
2022 NZ Young Entrepreneur Star Awardee Richard Lee experience sharing.