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The TCCA Junior Chapter Hosts Lively Winetasting Event

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Led by Johnson Yeh, President of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Australia(TCCA) Junior Chapter, TCCA and its Junior Chapter jointly organized a wine tasting event on March 25. Through sharing knowledge and culture related to the wine industry, young entrepreneurs in Sydney had the opportunity to interact and exchange amongst each other. Gabriel Shih, The Director of Culture Centre of TECO in Sydney, attended the event to show his support. Approximately 50 TCCA members and young entrepreneurs participated in this activity to gain a deeper understanding of the wine business. 

Director Shih stated in his remarks that he was pleasant to see more Taiwanese youths participating in business events. The event was not only refreshing, but it also helped the attendees understand more about the wine industry, an important culture and medium for socialization in society. Shih also encouraged the attendees to participate more in TCCA events and to promote Taiwan-Australian economic, trade, and cultural exchanges.

Johnson Yeh stated that Australia is the fifth largest wine exporting country in the world. Wine is not only an important part of Australian culture, but the wine and related tourism industries also account for a significant proportion of Australian economy, witch brings over AUD45.5 billion every year. Yeh expected the wine tasting event would increase youth businesses' understanding of wine and other relevant industries, and the youth businesses would get to know each other better and participate more in the TCCA events and overseas compatriot community. 

TCCA President Erica Liu expressed her delight to see young entrepreneurs hosting events and step into spotlight of the stage. 

Some professional sommeliers and wine merchants were invited to share their knowledge in grape planting, wine making, winetasting skills, and also the secret to pairing wine and food. The event also provided information on investments of wine related product and introduced wine from different perspectives. TCCA Junior Chapter continued to host a vibrant social gathering in the evening, offering an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to get to know each other. 

The TCCA Junior Chapter hosts a winetasting course, with TCCA President Erica Liu welcoming youth businesses in Sydney to the event.
The Director of Culture Centre of TECO in Sydney, Gabriel Shih (center), attended the event to show his support.
The TCCA Junior Chapter hosts a winetasting course.