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TCCCYL Organizes Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Activity

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With the upcoming Taiwanese Dragon Boat Festival, the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Chiba Youth Leagues (TCCCYL), under the guidance of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Chiba (TCIC), organized a cultural experience event to celebrate the festival. They invited local compatriot leader Ryugawa Hime, who is also a culinary expert, to teach the traditional method of making southern-style zongzi (rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves). This event helped alleviate the homesickness of young Taiwanese resides in Chiba who are unable to return to Taiwan and celebrate the festival with their families. The zongzi-making knowledge gained from this practice session will also be shared with Japanese friends, allowing them to experience Taiwan's cultural tradition of enjoying zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival. The event saw enthusiastic participation from Junior Chamber members.

On June 4th, following the Board of Directors meeting of the TCIC, Founding Director Zi-ling Chen and Director Shi-Ya Su led the members of the TCCCYL to drive from Chiba to the culinary classroom in Ikebukuro. There, they learned the method of making traditional southern-style zongzi from Ryugawa Hime, who serves as the Vice President of the Global Federation of Chinese Business Women, Japan Chapter, and the Director of the Culinary Arts Department at the CEO Academy.

Director Shi-ya Su of the TCCCYL mentioned that as pandemic restrictions are lifted, many events have gradually resumed, including the monthly golf workshops and the upcoming barbecue outing. She encourages everyone to participate actively in these activities.

Deputy Director Hui-Yun Song of the Expatriate Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Japan expressed that this event is very meaningful. It not only fosters exchanges among Chamber members but also showcases Taiwan's culinary culture and traditional festivals. Organizing similar events in the future would be meaningful.

During the event, Vice President Ryugawa shared the method of cooking the main ingredient, glutinous rice, as well as the combination of delicious ingredients and seasonings to enhance the flavor of the zongzi. She also explained the essential preparations involving the cleaning and steaming of the bamboo leaves, often referred to as "the soul of the zongzi." Each step of wrapping the zongzi was taught to the Junior Chamber members. In the beginning, the members were not very skilled, resulting in several humorous moments. However, with Vice President Ryugawa's patient teaching and the efforts of the members, each individual successfully completed a string of ten zongzi. When the zongzi were perfectly steamed and presented, a profound sense of accomplishment was felt by every member.

Among all the Taiwanese Junior Chambers of Commerce in Japan, the TCCCYL has the largest number of members. The TCCCYL regularly organizes golf workshops and hosts occasional gatherings and outings, with the goal of creating a welcoming community where everyone can participate and benefit.
Members of the TCCCYL showcase their finished zongzi.
Vice President Ryugawa shares tips on making zongzi.
Members work diligently to making zongzi.
Sharing the zongzi.