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Popular YouTuber Teaches Video Filmmaking, Over a Hundred FASCA Members Join Online Learning

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Becoming a YouTuber is the dream of many young individuals. The FASCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter organized a skill workshop that invited local YouTuber Peggy Hsieh to guide FASCA members through the various aspects of being a YouTuber.

Peggy Hsieh, founder of the "O.M.G. Entertainment" channel, achieved 300,000 subscribers within just three years. She was also the recipient of the OCAC Global Young Entrepreneur Star award in 2022. She shared her experience of starting from scratch in creating YouTube videos.

" While starting on YouTube might be easy, the learning journey is extensive. I encourage everyone to share your work, even if you feel it's not perfect. Persevering will gradually improve your skills." Hsieh said.

Hsieh's course was engaging and fun, attracting over 175 FASCA members globally to participate online. Members actively participated in the Q&A session, showing great enthusiasm. It seems we'll soon witness the emergence of many FASCA YouTubers!

YouTuber Peggy Hsieh during her teaching session.