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FASCA - DC Engages in Multinational Youth Exchange with 8 Countries

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Washington D.C.'s Taiwan Fun and The FASCA DC Chapter accomplished a vibrant and culturally diverse Cultural Day exchange event just before the school's fall semester starts. Held in Oakton, this event aimed to foster cultural exchange and friendship among young people from different backgrounds.

On the event day, teenagers from Taiwan, as well as eight other countries including Spain, Pakistan, Ethiopia, South Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Scotland (UK), and India gathered together. They shared their respective countries' cultural features, traditional attire, music, dance, and cuisine. Members of The FASCA DC Chapter shared Taiwanese pineapple cakes with participants. Additionally, they brought calligraphy brushes and colored ink to the activity, allowing young friends from various countries to personally experience calligraphy writing.

Through these rich and colorful elements, young friends gained a deep understanding of cultures from around the world and built international friendships among global youth. The members of The FASCA DC Chapter successfully played the role of cultural ambassadors during this event, showcasing Taiwan's charm.

FASCA - DC members sharing Taiwanese pineapple cakes and brush calligraphy writing.