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Katie Hsieh from "KT's Tasty Life" Shares Online with Members of TJCCNY

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On the evening of September 27th, the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York (TJCCNY) hosted a hybrid seminar focusing on marketing and market research. Katie Hsieh and Kevin Tu were keynote speakers, sharing their valuable expertise in marketing and self-media management. Derived from their hands-on experience in guiding emerging startup teams, they talked about how they identify effective market positioning and strategic marketing approaches. 

This event was part of the OCAC's "Industry Upgrade and Technology Service Program for Global Overseas Taiwanese Businesses." In this context, the OCAC partnered with the Institute for Information Industry (III) and invited Ms. Vivian Huang, the International Cooperation Strategy Officer of the III Digital Transformation Research Institute, to introduce the resources and collaborative opportunities provided by the Institute. The aim is to foster robust connections between Taiwan and young entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial aspirations, or those currently navigating the entrepreneurial path.

Director Peggy Huang from the OCAC Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York was invited to speak online. She introduced the OCAC "Industry Upgrading and Technical Service for Global Compatriot Businessmen Program". This program aims to assist overseas compatriot businesses in upgrading their practices and enhancing their international competitiveness. The program connects these overseas Taiwanese companies with 14 research and development institutions in Taiwan, with the goal of leveraging Taiwan's research and development capabilities to support the growth of overseas compatriot businesses. Furthermore, through the program, domestic industries and research agencies can expand into international markets, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Katie Hsieh is a representative figure of the young slasher generation. With 620,000 Facebook followers, she's known for "KT's Tasty Life" and leads as Chairperson of the Taiwan Tech Summit and CEO of the TaiwanNext Foundation. She's an Angel Investor, entrepreneur, and podcaster. Notably, she recently organized the 2023 Taiwan Tech Summit with over 2,500 attendees in the end of September. She is very active in promoting Taiwanese involvement in North American tech communities and fostering connections between Taiwan and Silicon Valley to bolster the Taiwanese community in the United States.

Kevin Tu, an alumnus of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng-Kung University, is the founder and chairman of Silicon Valley's Cornerstone Asset Holdings. His profound insight into startup ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Asia has led to the successful acquisition or fundraising of various Taiwanese software companies by major US corporations. Kevin recently shared with members of the TJCCNY on AI-driven marketing strategies, emphasizing the integration of AI and the strategic leverage of social media and big data platforms for business expansion.

TJCCNY Organized a Marketing and Market Research Seminar
TJCCNY Organized a Marketing and Market Research Seminar
TJCCNY Organized a Marketing and Market Research Seminar

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