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FASCA- Atlanta Showcases Impressive Performances and Taiwanese Foods

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The FASCA Atlanta Chapter held a dazzling presentation on April 21st, showcasing the students' cultural talents and year-long learning.

The event featured captivating performances that celebrated Taiwanese heritage. From singing nostalgic songs to performing vibrant folk dances and the energetic lion dance, the students' enthusiasm captivated the audience. 

Adding to the festive atmosphere, attendees savored a delicious spread of Taiwanese delicacies. Familiar favorites like fried rice noodles, salty crispy chicken, and Taiwanese wheel cakes brought a taste of Taiwan to the celebration, transporting everyone back home.

The Cultural Center of TECO in Atlanta extends its gratitude to the overseas community and parents whose unwavering support makes FASCA possible. The Center recognizes the outstanding performances by the FASCA students and their dedication to nurturing leadership, cultural awareness, and a service-oriented spirit in Taiwanese youth. By promoting Taiwanese culture, FASCA strengthens Taiwan's reputation and visibility on the international stage.
FASCA students wowed the audience with the golden ring dance.

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