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Taiwan wins 3 golds at tug-of-war World Indoor Championships

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Photo courtesy of Chinese Taipei Tug of War Association Feb. 11, 2024

Taipei, Feb. 11 (CNA) Taiwan's tug-of-war teams pulled in three gold medals at the 2024 TWIF World Indoor Championships in Helsingborg, Sweden, Saturday, including a milestone triumph in men's 600-kilogram division.

On the first day of the tourney's first championship category, Taiwan's women defended their title in the 500-kg division, while the country's mixed team also won gold in the under-23 560-kg division.

Taiwan's men then followed this up with the country's first-ever title in the 600-kg division.

According to Cho Yao-peng (卓耀鵬), secretary-general of Taiwan's Tug of War Association, the gold in the men's 600-kg division was one of the goals they set coming into the tournament this year.

Referring to the 2026 TWIF World Indoor Championships, which will be held in Taiwan, Cho said: "This gold boosts a lot the morale of Taiwan's men's tug-of-war teams, proving that Taiwan can perform as well in men's events as in women's."

The feat came after club matches on the first two days of the event, in which teams from Taiwan finished with two golds in women's 540 kg and U-23 mixed 560 kg as well as one bronze in men's 600 kg.

Taiwan competed in six events of the championship category and will vie for the title in women's 540 kg, men's 560 kg and mixed 580 kg Sunday, the last day of the tournament.

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