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Wei Hwa Chinese School Celebrates the 50th Anniversary and the Year of Dragon

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The school team and distinguished guests are cutting the 50th anniversary cake together
The traditional lion dance
Young students are feeding red envelopes to the lion according to the tradition
The astonishing Shaolin martial arts performance
A lovely sing-along is being performed by young students
The 50th anniversary cake

On February 18, the Wei Hwa Chinese School in Northern Virginia held a grand celebration for its 50th anniversary and the Lunar New Year. Many former principals, faculty members, alumni, and distinguished guests came to celebrate the school's 50th birthday.

The event began at noon with the Wei Hwa 50th reunion luncheon. The school principal, Ling Tang, joined the former principals to give a briefing on the school’s history. Through many precious old photos, they reviewed the school's founding process, introduced the teaching philosophy, showcased various activities, and expressed gratitude to the school's teachers, students, parents, alumni, and community for their support.

At 2 pm, the Wei Hwa 50th Anniversary Celebration and Lunar New Year party officially began with nearly four hundred people participating. The event started with a traditional lion dance to warm up the atmosphere. Children eagerly fed the lion red envelopes. In keeping with tradition, Principal Tang offered the lion green vegetables, symbolizing good luck. Young children from the Pinyin class then sang the birthday song and slowly escorted a large 50th-anniversary cake to the center of the stage. The school team and distinguished guests held the knife handle together in front of the cake for a group photo, commemorating this special moment for Wei Hwa.

Following that, the performance program continued with the astonishing Shaolin Temple martial arts, children's sing-along and diabolo performances. The cultural booth activities were dazzling with lantern making, Lunar New Year children's games, and other cultural crafts, allowing everyone to experience and feel the fun and charm of Chinese culture.

The Wei Hwa Chinese School's 50th Anniversary Celebration and Lunar New Year party concluded with joy and warmth. Wei Hwa's outstanding contributions in promoting Mandarin learning and traditional culture encouraged the school to continue its efforts to achieve more excellent results. We look forward to the next fifty years of the Wei Hwa Chinese School as it continues to strive for the promotion of overseas language education and the preservation and dissemination of traditional culture and heritage.

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