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Higher electricity bills coming as summer rates to begin in June

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A woman walks past by a building fitted with several air conditioners in New Taipei.

Taipei, May 13 (CNA) The average household in Taiwan is expected to see its electricity bill rise by more than 70 percent a month when the four-month summer-rate period begins in June, state-run Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) said Monday.

Households in Taiwan use an average of 413 kilowatt-hours of power per month from June to September, and it costs them NT$1,023 (US$31.56) a month during that time, a Taipower spokesperson told CNA.

In comparison, average electricity use in the other eight months of the year is 301 kWh a month, costing NT$593.

Of the difference in the average bill of NT$430, or 73 percent, between the non-summer and summer months, NT$314 is caused by the higher use of electricity and only NT$116 is attributable to the higher summer rate, according to Taipower.

The summer rates were introduced in 1989, as more power generators are deployed to meet higher consumer demand, increasing Taipower's operating costs, the spokesperson said.

For small store owners, the average monthly electricity use rises from 1,423 kWh during the non-summer rate period to 1,823 kWh in the summer months, and they will see their energy bill rise from NT$3,621 to NT$8,070 on average, according to Taipower.

Meanwhile, summer rates begin for industrial users on May 15 and last until Oct. 15. The summer-rate period was expanded in 2023, and different rates were introduced for peak hours and non-peak hours to encourage manufacturers to reschedule production away from peak hours.

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