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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Enterpreneur Star: Johnson Yeh Sydney Young Entrepreneur Star: Johnson Yeh actively and boldy makes his name in the Australia hotel market

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Johnson Yeh was born in Taiwan and moved to Australia at three years of age. Humble, polite and always smiling, he is a happy and energetic young man. He worked hard to learn Mandarin after class and has excellent all-round Mandarin ability. Johnson loves Taiwan and has a deep connection with it. Growing up, deeply affected by his father, Sydney OCAC commissioner Michael Yeh, he was active in service type group activities and was president of the Taiwan Student Association at university, happily serving the group and enhancing the feelings of members for Taiwan.

After graduating from university, he joined Optus, working his way up from the bottom to the position of project manager and technical adviser; in 2018, after 10 years with the company, he decided to take what he had learned about telecommunications to his father's business and began to learn about running hotels, using the managements models he had learned and his own technological knowledge in this traditional industry.

Sydney Hotel (YEHS Hotel) opened its first hotel in 2004. After cultivating locally for almost 20 years and overcoming various challenges, with father and son quietly toiling together, the YEHS Group was established in 2015 and over six years has grown to now encompass six hotels; as well as five hotels in central Sydney, there is one hotel in the Melbourne metropolitan area. All were created step by step by two generations working together using self-taught methods as neither had background or experience in this industry. Today's YEHS Hotel brand was built through trial and error. Second generation Johnson Yeh diligently learned the way of business from his father Michael Yeh (Sydney OCAC commissioner)from a young age; adding his own creativity and intelligence, he was able to help his family business successfully transform. During this transformation process, Johnson Yeh conscientiously studied the hotel industry and gave a lot; facing pressure from the older generation and the impact of the new era, he used many innovative methides and high tech models to make overall hotel operation young and technology based, allowing the existing traditional industry company to catch up with the changes of the times and successfully transform. Although the hotel industry has borne the brunt of the impact of COVID-19, YEHS Hotel is fully prepared to achieve new business peaks when the pandemic passes.

From 2020 to the present, economies around the world have been heavily hit by COVID-19. To bring into play the spirit of love and empathy, during the pandemic, YEHS Hotel bought Taiwan medical facemasks to protect its employees and actively promoted Taiwan's high quality medical system and epidemic prevention results, and also provided rooms free of charge to employees in financial difficulty, showing charitable spirit.

Over the past few years, while seeking to progress in his profession, Michael Yeh has actively taken part in various overseas community activities and served as director and deputy secretary general of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Australia, assisting with Chamber affairs and sponsoring activities: this year he was very honored to be named one of the 1st Global Young Entrepreneur Stars and was also elected vice president and youth chapter president of the 18th Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in Australia. He said he is very grateful to the OCAC and overseas community for their affirmation and hopes that in future he can use his own power to give back to the overseas community, using his own efforts to contribute to Taiwan. 
Sydney Young Entrepreneur Star Johnson Yeh(left)
One of the YEHS Hotel hotels, Sydney Harbour Suites
One of the YEHS Hotel hotels, Sydney Harbour Suites

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