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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Hu Chih-Wei

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Osaka, Hu Chih-Wei Bridges Communication between Taiwan and Japan Railway Industries

Hu Chih-Wei graduated from I-Shou University with a bachelor's degree in business management, and a few years afterwards, he decided to fulfill his dream and went to study Japanese at a special school in Osaka, Japan. He felt that if he didn't move soon, he'd "end up losing heart and dying old in Taiwan".
During his studies, the special school arranged for its students to intern at a listed company, the Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd (a railway company located in Kansai, Japan). Even though the interns were unpaid, but the experience Hu accumulated in the hard work there landed him a job after graduation and was a bonus for his employment in the Japanese market. Also because of his abundant work experiences, he shouldered the role of the highest management in Japan Horizons Co., Ltd, in the Japanese region, starting July, 2021.

Furthermore, under Hu's leadership, Japan Horizons was invited to attend the largest biennial event, the Mass Trans Innovation Japan Osaka, in Japan; through which the company further generated more business opportunities.
Thinking back on the years that he has worked in the rail industry, Hu says that the two major achievements he takes most pride in are, first, initiating the Nankai Electric Railway Co. cooperation with Taoyuan Metro Corporation, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, and Kansai International Airport, and holding the "MOU Signing Ceremony between Taiwan and Japan Railway and Airport Companies" in Taoyuan in 2017; and secondly, the facilitating of cooperation between Nankai Electric Railway's "Blue Knight" trains and Taiwan Railway's "Taiwan-Japan Friendship" trains to be running on Taiwan tracks. These two events also brought interactions and cooperation between Taiwan and Japan railway industries closer together.

Hu said he was grateful to have been awarded the OCAC's 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star Award. As the chief executive of Japan Horizons Co., Ltd in Japan, he would not forget his initial passion and intention, continue to dedicate fully to the job. He would also continue to promote Taiwan rail models and parts in Japan, and act as a bridge of communication between Taiwan and Japan railway industries.  
Hu Chih-Wei invited to attend the tourism exhibition.
Hu Chih-Wei (second row, right 3) attending the "MOU Signing Ceremony between Taiwan and Japan Railway and Airport Companies".