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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Jeffery Yen

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star in San Francisco, Jeffrey Yen Develops Power Transmission Systems

Jeffrey Yen graduated from Stanford University with a doctorate degree, after which he continued research in his professional field, while at the same time, began considering the possibility of starting up his own company. He said that, in the very beginning, his ideal of starting a company was his belief that one's accumulated daily experiences and life lessons must go hand in hand, and that talents in different fields must come together so that technology may be used to its fullest, and thus provide a chance at success.
Jeffrey Yen established Etherdyne technologies, Inc. (ETI) in 2016. His company mainly developed wireless power transmission and sensor installation systems, which allow his customers to use portable wireless power stations within designated transmission areas and satisfy modern construction environment and professional lighting demands, thus in turn provide electricity through more flexible and creative means. Yen has detailed plans and direction in mind for his company's products and future market as well. ETI was awarded UK Best Wireless Power Station Award in 2019, it now holds 12 patents worldwide, and is in the process of applying for 22 product patents, adding up to a total of 34 product patents; it also has seven IEEE and FCC-18 accreditations. ETI is currently growing steadily, has products of its own brand, and is one of the few companies that started out in R&D and ended up establishing its own brand.

Jeffrey Yen develops wireless power transmission and sensor products.
Jeffrey Yen established Etherdyne technologies, Inc. (ETI) in 2016.
Jeffrey Yen (right) and co-workers demonstrating their innovative product.