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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Shin-Jing Jang

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Children are the Force to Changing the World, Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Germany, Shin-Jing Jang Dedicated to Promotion of Children's Literature

Shin-Jing Jang is a standard Taiwanese who did not move out to study abroad as a child. In fact, she grew up in Taiwan and did not move to Germany to study until she was already an adult. When she graduated from her studies, she was worried about her future. However, with her advisor's encouragement, she decided to start up her own business from scratch in a foreign country. As she thinks back to every step in the process, she sees that every person, every incident, and every thing that she encountered along the way holds respective significance, even more so now that she has a child. At the beginning, she had to fight all alone, but now she has a complete support team to back her up; she thinks this unexpected turn in life has brought her on a treasure hunt, where love and surprises are hidden around every corner.

"i do creative GmbH" is a professional and diverse team with an extensive book collection based in Germany. They provide a storybook platform in traditional Mandarin, and are dedicated to providing their resources to Taiwanese children growing up overseas. Its establishment in itself is a gift to all children, which aims to satisfy demands and benefit others. Public libraries in Europe mostly have German book collections, but there are very few Mandarin books, which is something first-time parents residing overseas struggle with. As their children grow up, reading with them becomes very important to parents, and to be able to accurately translate and convey the messages within the books is especially crucial to effective parent-child joint reading.

Jang was one of the founders of "i do creative GmbH". She understood the power of books to children, and with that thought in mind, she unexpectedly promoted the establishment of the "i do creative GmbH" Mandarin children's book platform in Europe, aiming to contribute to the society and children with like-minded partners. Jang said that, "when the thought of wanting to do something for the Taiwanese children living on this foreign land came to mind, everything else just followed through. It is a very strange but wonderful feeling, it seems everything was pushing me towards my goal." This idea has also brought about new changes and energy to this steady business in its seventh year of establishment. With their experience of bringing up their children overseas, Jang and her team felt that these children growing up overseas run into language and cultural identity issues. It is easy for them to lose connection with Taiwanese culture in the process. Therefore, "i do creative GmbH" is dedicated to creating a traditional Mandarin language environment, which will allow Taiwanese children of various ages growing up overseas to receive more profound guidance and become more familiar with their mother language and culture. Meanwhile it will also help parents interact and strengthen the bond with their children through the "i do creative GmbH" platform.

Jang's team understands the difficulties parents face in their children's upbringing. Therefore, they have designed a multi-function children's storybook package. The package includes classic children's books published by Han-Sheng Publishing and collections from Taiwanese authors of Bu-Bu Publishing, all of which demonstrate the vitality and all-encompassing contents of children's literature, satisfying the different demands parents encounter in raising children of different age groups. Jang's team divide up the work load from book selection to categorization, hoping to do the best for the children. On the "i do creative GmbH" platform, the child-centered concept can be seen all around.

When Jang first learned of the OCAC Global Young Entrepreneur Star selection, she thought it was an opportunity to both examine project feasibillity and promote tradition Mandarin significance. Having been awarded the honor of Global Young Entrepreneur Star, she stated that she was grateful for her Taiwanese family, her team, and all her friends that supported her along the way to finally realizing and implementing her idea of establishing this Mandarin children's book platform, built on love and energy, in Europe. She also said that, Taiwan has worked so hard for so long that many governments and societies in Europe have started to pay attention to Taiwan. Taiwan has demonstrated its culture in various forms to the international society, espeically in the significant change in children's book publications. "i do creative GmbH" has introduced many Taiwanese authors and publications to Europe, all of which demonstrate in depth and truth the Taiwanese culture. It is hoped that through these publications, our beautiful island culture and features can be recognized by the world and be inherited by our Taiwanese children overseas, who will grow up proudly as a Taiwanese.

Children are the force to changing the world. "i do creative GmbH" is an extension of Taiwanese culture that insists on the spirit of "love your children from the heart". Jang is dedicated to ensuring that "i do creative GmbH" is a platform that satisfies its readers and audience, and that it becomes a diverse platform that bridges European and Asian cultures. Through it, the power of literature and words will continue to pull strings in the hearts of our future generations. Most importantly, "i do creative GmbH" will cultivate these children growing up in diverse cultures and backgrounds. The books they read, the paths they take, and the people they love will all shine through their unique Taiwanese souls.

Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Germany, Shin-Jing Jang.
Shin-Jing Jang believes children are the force to changing the world.