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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Chang Hsin Kuo

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Indonesia, Chang Hsin Kuo Encourages Youths to Pursue Dreams

Accumulating Work Experience Step by Step

2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Indonesia, Chang Hsin Kuo, was born in Tapei, Taiwan, and grew up in Sanzhi District. In 2007, he graduated from DaYeh University's Communications Engineering graduate program and carried out his national defense substitute military services in Foxconn Technology Group, conducting research and development of cellphone antennas for a period of six years. Since his grandfather had moved abroad to Indonesia over forty years ago and was engaged in iron and steel trading business, in 2013 at the age of 30, Kuo decided to leave the Taiwan electronics industry and flew to Jakarta with his family to work in his grandfather's company. The economy was in recession back then, and the iron and steel industry in Indonesia was not doing well. To make matters worse, the Chinese dumped their iron and steel into the Indonesian market, which finally led to operating problems.

Starting Up Overseas, Exploring the Indonesian Market

In 2015, Kuo started up his own business in Indonesia with his partner. The first company they established was an LED lighting trade company, selling LED lighting and factory supplies to clients. Then in 2016, he established another construction comopany, initially providing factory repair and renovation services to Taiwan-funded factories, such as Pou Chen Group and Cheng Shin Group. In 2019, he began forming his own construction team, widely recruiting local engineers and surveyors, and started to undertake construction projects. Their services included civil engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, and interior decoration design projects. As the Business Director of the company, Kuo is currently responsible for marketing.

Insisting on Taiwanese Spirit and Attitude

PT. Roket Jaya Abadi has been engaged in engineering services in Indonesia for the past few years, which upheld the Taiwanese spirit and attitude by providing both quality and service to its clients. In Indonesia, suppliers and vendors in the local market do not collaborate well, which makes it hard for clients to find well-cooperated vendors. Clients' demands increased and they requested for Kuo's company to expand its scope of services. Unlike construction engineering companies in Taiwan, which mostly specialize in specific fields, Indonesian construction companies must provide a wider range of services.

Kuo emphasized that providing professional service and attitude is the fundamental and most important principle of the company. Project quality, service attitude, and maintenance warranty are also key values that all employees must adhere to, and are essential to the company's future growth. As for the company's business strategy, it insists on maintaining market price, professionalism, and never engaging in competitive price cutting projects where later inferior materials that reduce costs will have to be used. Furthermore, the company also seeks for sustainable development and trusts that with long-term strategic planning, short term price cutting competitions can be avoided.

Team Building for the Company

Kuo stated that, if you want to work in Indonesia, you must thoroughly understand the local culture and fit in to the market, make friends with local Indonesians and know their habits.

PT. Roket Jaya Abadi has worked hard over recent years to establish a corporate culture and systematize administration. It has reduced paperwork and enhanced system integration, introduced employee attendance assessment, quotation and financial systems. Recently, it has further established a KPI system and organized employee recreation activities, which enhanced the centripetal force and cohesiveness of the company, aiming to make the whole staff proud of being a part of the company.

Participating in the Chamber of Commerce with the Passion to Serve

In 2019, the then Asia Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce (ASTCC) President Wei-Hsin Lai invited Kuo to serve as Deputy Secretary-General. In that position, Kuo assisted in holding meetings hosted by ASTCC in Bali, and learned of ASTCC operations and affairs. In 2020, Kuo served as Indonesia Taiwan Chambers of Commerce (ITCC) Chief Financial Officer, then in 2021, during the COVID pandemic, Kuo served as ITCC Secretary General. As the Secretary General, he assisted the then ITCC President An Zuo Wang, in establishing the Pandemic Prevention Center for Taiwanese Businesspeople, helping Taiwanese businesspeople in Indonesia obtain the necesssary pandemic prevention materials and medication. When Taiwan- Indonesian flights were shut down, Kuo and ITCC President Wang achieved the impossible mission of chartered flights, sending Taiwanese businesspeople with urgent need to return to Taiwan to handle necessary affairs and seek medical attention. Kuo stated that he was very grateful for recommendation by local OCAC division and being awarded the Global Young Entrepreneur Star in Indonesia. Having received guidance and counselling from various practitioners, Kuo has found more ways of thought and methods to operating his company.

Sharing Start-up Process in Indonesia, Encouraging Youths to Pursue their Dreams

Kuo brought up the fact that Indonesia was a muslim country, and its culture was more conservative compared to other ASEAN countries. He encouraged Taiwanese youth businesses to visit Indonesia and gave them the following advice. Analysis of objective data, fieldwork, and cultural differences were all important for youth businesses seeking for investment or employment. He also stated that it would be very helpful to listen to experiences the local Taiwanese buisnessmen share. It would greatly reduce the cost of having to adjust and adapt to the environment later on once youth businesses decided to move to Indonesia. Through the sharing from local Taiwanese businessmen, youth businesses will not only gain reliable information, they will also be able to better prepare themselves in terms of conforming to local regulations and policies. Most importantly, youth businesses should try to seek exchanges with similar industries and learn and grow from those experiences. Furthermore, Kuo also reminded Taiwanese businessmen that under emergency situations, the TECO in Indonesia, Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce, and other overseas compatriot organizations can provide assistance and consultation, and they can serve as important and valuable resources for youth businesses overseas. Kuo concluded by encouraging more youths to pursue their dreams abroad and finally achieve self-realization.

Chang Hsin Kuo (right 1) attending the 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Awarding Ceremony.
Kuo's company celebrating the Indonesian National Day.
2019 ASTCC Board Meeting in Bali – airport pick up team.
ITCC chartered flight to Taiwan during COVID pandemic in 2021.