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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Samuel Chien

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Young Entrepreneur Star Samuel Chien, Breathes New Life into Traditional Business with Innovation

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has organized the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award to empower young overseas compatriot entrepreneurs worldwide. Many of these promising talents play a pivotal role in sustainable growth of overseas chambers of commerce. Samuel Chien, one of the recipients of the 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award from the San Francisco Bay Area, founded his own company in 2021, offering a diverse range of industrial and specialty gasses. 

Reflecting on his educational and career journey, Chien shared that he attended elementary school in Vancouver starting from fifth grade. He later pursued a major in computer software design at a university in Toronto. During his time at the university, he secured a valuable internship at Apple. Upon graduating from university, he embarked on a career at Microsoft in Seattle before relocating to Silicon Valley in California. There, he spent two years at Facebook before joining Google. With industry experience under his belt, a realization dawned upon him: his true calling lay in entrepreneurship. This epiphany led him to establish his enterprise, US Air Supply Inc., which has since gained acclaimed for its expertise in industrial gases. 

US Air Supply Inc. supplies stands as a provider of industrial and specialty gases, available in an array of volumes and purities. Chien offers a concise review of the products and the manufacturing processes, which begin with the air separation phase. The company procures nitrogen, oxygen, and argon gases from San Fu Chemical. These three gases are extracted as liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, and liquid oxygen through the air separation process. The manufacturing plant, located in Phoenix, Arizona, operates as a filling facility. Approximately 200 steel cylinders are produced daily, each individually filled and packaged.

During the interview, Chien appeared very cheerful. He mentioned his hands-on involvement in the business and how he draws inspiration from his parents, especially in his decision to initiate the business. His first venture was actually a software company aimed at app development. It was a fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving market, Chien found that the industrial gas market to be more of a niche business. His comprehensive service, blending modern technologies with traditional business practices to satisfy diverse clients needs.

Chien embodies the hard-working ethnic commonly attributed to many Taiwanese individuals. His business approach stands out for its optimistic outlook. Venturing into industrial gas solutions, a sector less explored, he has carved a unique niche market for himself. He believes that his business advantage lies in integrating software with industrial gas solutions and delivering satisfying solutions to clienteles. 
Chien introduces new technologies to a traditional business and has founded his own business.
Industrial gas cylinders arrange in a corner of the warehouse.
Chien is deeply involved in ensuring the highest level of service for customers.
Chien confidently takes major strides on his entrepreneurial journey.