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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Tien-Tse Hsieh

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star Tien-Tse Hsieh, Establishes A Tech Firm Dedicated to Human Well-being and Environmental Protection 

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has organized the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award to empower young overseas compatriot entrepreneurs worldwide. Many of these promising talents play a pivotal role in sustainable growth of overseas chambers of commerce. Tien-Tse Hsieh is a recipient of the 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award, based in the innovation hub of Silicon Valley. He has a profound understanding of the impact of climate change on air quality, human life, and health. Hence, he decided to start his own business with great ambitions and focused on developing products that address these critical issues. 

Environmental and Human Technologies (E.H.T.), founded by Tien-Tse Hsieh, is a technology firm deeply committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Its mission is to harness technology to achieve a mutual beneficial outcome for both humans and the environment. When shaping and making the company's policies, services and products, Hsieh places significant emphasis on a sustainability-driven approach and a strong commitment to environmental protection, which lies at the heart of the company's core values. 

Hsieh reflects on his time studying in the UK, where he grasped the importance of how air quality affects people. This led him to ponder on the creation of a user-friendly product capable of delivering clean air, regardless of your location. He dedicated himself to developing the "LIK Air Purifier." His vision for LIK is to make clean, purified air accessible worldwide. He believes that through the shared commitment of the user community to environmental protection. Therefore, people can work collectively to combat air pollution and contribute to improving air quality.

Hsieh leads a highly capable team at E.H.T.. The team not only possesses the patent rights for key air purification technologies but have also collaborates closely with suppliers and academic institutions in Taiwan. Looking back on the company's beginnings, he recognized a multitude of challenges and issues required addressing. Yet, his motivation stems from the aspiration to introduce innovations that enhance people's health and well-being. With the generous assistance of many, he successfully introduced the product to the market. He hopes that the products can have a positive impact on people. Furthermore, the research and design process of the product can contribute to helping Taiwanese businesses and industries gain international exposure and global recognition.

Promoting a quality product in the market necessitates various promotional materials and marketing strategies. Hsieh extends his gratitude to OCAC for organizing the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award. He feels a deep sense of  honor for being one of the recipients but also acknowledges the one-on-one consultation services with business experts and mentors provided by OCAC. Through those services, he gained an understanding of how to utilize a variety of media channels to promote the company's products and is committed to steering the company's directions towards future growth. 

Global Young Entrepreneur Star, Tien-Tse Hsieh (right) enthusiastically presents his company's products to a client.
Global Young Entrepreneur Star, Tien-Tse Hsieh (left), and his sister, Pei-Yin Hsieh (right).