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Introduction of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star: Pei-Yin Hsieh

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Global Young Entrepreneur Star Pei-Yin Hsieh Carves Out a Niche in New Media Marketing in Silicon Valley

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) established the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award to support the growth of young business compatriots worldwide. With the dedication of these young entrepreneurs, they contribute to revitalizing overseas chambers of commerce. Pei-Yin Hsieh, a recipient of the 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award, is an expert in new media marketing based in Silicon Valley. Through internet platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, Hsieh helps her business clients capitalize on the latest trends and effectively coveys innovative ideas to promote their products and services. 

Hsieh was born in Tainan. Soon after finishing high school, she went abroad to pursue further education in the United States. Upon graduating from college, she embraced the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley and founded O.M.G Entertainment in 2021, a company primarily provides services in media marketing. Hsieh couldn't forget when she was starting her business, it was at the peak of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and lots of her friends who owned restaurants were on the verge of closing or going bankruptcy. She showed solidarity by aiding them in advertising and promoting their businesses online. Gradually, she realized that many overseas compatriot businesses lacked marketing skills and the know-how to connect with the local target audience. This experience prompted her to embark on her entrepreneurial journey.

O.M.G Entertainment offers a comprehensive range of media marketing services to businesses, including organizing brand events, planning corporate brand promotion campaigns on new media, and overseeing e-commerce management. Through these excellent execution and robust networks, Hsieh has successfully helped clients from  domestic and international markets in strengthening their local presence and achieving brand exposure both online and offline. In just a year and a half, O.M.G has supported numerous businesses in expanding their customer bases through highly effective methods. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the company's team, O.M.G has established multiple channels for product wholesale and distribution across the United States and Asia. By leveraging its marketing resources, O.M.G has also launched an e-commerce platform that incorporates the latest trends in live streaming and influencer marketing, resulting in enhanced sale performance for clients. 

During the pandemic, as many companies began implementing work-from-home policies, many people started experiencing social isolation. Simultaneously, Hsieh observed on social medial platforms that many young people in Northern California were actively seeking new friends and engaging in various social activities, which illuminated a new business opportunity for her. In late 2022, as pandemic restrictions started to lift, Hsieh integrated the products and services from her local clients and developed a mobile app. This app features a range of functions, including events registration, social networking, group buying, and store discounts. It was well-received by both business owners and consumers.

In addition to her business services, Hsieh also collaborated with the city government in Norther California to organize various activities and events. Many of these events aim to promote cities and showcase cultural diversity in Northern California, including the Mid-Autumn Festival in September 2021 and the Lunar New Year Street Festival in February 2022 at the city of Millbrae, and the Family 3 Festival in Milpitas in April 2022. These festivals drew a significant crowd, playing a pivotal role in attracting a considerable number of visitors to the host cities. These events did not only enhance the host cities' reputations but also created substantial economic value.

For Hsieh, she started her business driven by her passion for marketing and new media. Yet, she acknowledges that the entrepreneurial path is rife with challenges, especially for young individuals like herself. She has shown remarkable determination in craving out a niche and introducing new marketing models to conventional businesses. Hsieh and her team have invested substantial time and effort in overhauling marketing strategies in traditional enterprises to align with the demands of new media. Also, they needed to engage in lobbying efforts and securing supports from local governments and mainstream organizations, earning their trust in delivering high-quality events.

Hsieh emphasizes that modern marketing has evolved from traditional media like newspaper and television advertisements to more diverse methods and innovative media. Consumers nowadays prioritize shopping experiences and customer preferences more than ever, prompting businesses to emphasize creativity and adaptability to address uncertain market changes. Hsieh explains that businesses must carefully select the most effective promotional and advertising methods for their products or services. Furthermore, entrepreneurs must also continuously learn and innovate to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Although O.M.G has been established for two years, it has earned the trust of many overseas compatriot enterprises. Hsieh's company not only supports businesses in enhancing their brand exposure but also makes overseas compatriots feel at home. This is why O.M.G actively organizes traditional activities like Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festivals. Additionally, they design events and workshops, developed of a social networking app for overseas compatriots, and created an e-commerce platform that showcases products and services offered by overseas compatriot businesses. Hsieh believes that these efforts are all ways to foster bonds within the overseas compatriot community. 

Hsieh concluded by expressing her gratitude to those who have helped and guided her throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She feels honored to be recognized as a Global Young Entrepreneur Star. She extends her appreciation to the OCAC for organizing this prestigious award and acknowledges the enthusiastic support from the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco. She also encourages overseas youth compatriots to pursue goals with courage, strive for their dreams and aspirations, and pave the way for a successful future.
Pei Yin Hsieh is delighted to receive the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award.
Pei Yin Hsieh (right 1) with the festival participants.
O.M.G has successfully organized many large-scale events.
Marketing campaign held and planned by O.M.G.