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Introduction of 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Mina Hsieh

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Young Entrepreneur Star Mina Hsieh and Her Xiaoman Riceburritos Draws in Diverse Bay Area Consumers with Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine

Since its establishment in 2020, YC Studio Inc. has undertaken the mission to champion Taiwanese cuisine and culture, seeking to build a new community locally that bridges life experiences and diverse palates. The founder, Mina Hsieh, was given the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Award by the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC). At YC Studio Inc., Mina focuses on developing recipes and enhancing processes with a dedication to delivering the most authentic Taiwanese breakfast experience. She has also established close ties with local communities in Silicon Valley, with whom she shares Taiwan's culture to give more people the opportunity to savor incredible Taiwanese breakfasts.

To capture authentic Taiwanese flavors, YC Studio Inc. specializes in Taiwanese rice burritos and soy milk, carefully selecting imported Taiwanese ingredients and combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques to ensure that customers in a foreign land can still enjoy a genuine Taiwanese breakfast experience. Mina's dedication has resonated strongly with the market, attracting visits from renowned local bloggers and newspapers in the United States, who have praised and recommended Xiaoman Riceburrito.

The success of YC Studio Inc. stems from Mina's unique brand positioning and embrace of cultural diversity but also an emphasis placed on the quality and taste of its ingredients. Mina insists on selecting premium ingredients to ensure that the rice burritos have the best texture and flavor. This commitment to quality has garnered high praise and loyalty from consumers.

To broaden the brand's influence, Mina has expanded the scale of her business, evolving from its initial online virtual kitchen to the establishment of physical storefronts. She places a strong emphasis on the integration and utilization of technology, introducing a digital ordering system that allows customers to conveniently place orders through their website or mobile applications, reducing wait times and enhancing kitchen efficiency. Mina also collects and analyzes sales data to help optimize menu structures, reduce ingredient waste, and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, YC Studio Inc. leverages social media platforms for brand promotion and interaction, attracting new customers while maintaining connections and loyalty with existing ones.

YC Studio Inc. values the feeling of bliss and happiness signified by their Mandarin name "小滿"(xiaoman)  and hopes to convey a love for life and a deep appreciation for culinary delights. Their positive brand philosophy has earned widespread recognition and favor from consumers.

Looking ahead, YC Studio Inc. is committed to upholding its core principles and actively expanding into global markets. Beyond strengthening the brand's visibility worldwide, the company plans to invest in Taiwan's food industry and export trade, supporting premium products and building a more comprehensive industry chain. YC Studio Inc. will continue to pursue innovation, combining technology with traditional methods and engaging in exchange experiences with counterparts worldwide. Ultimately, the company hopes to enhance the quality and diversity of the global breakfast market and establish YC Studio Inc. as a benchmark brand for Taiwanese breakfast culture on the global stage.

Through the dedicated efforts and contributions of Mina Hsieh, YC Studio Inc. has successfully introduced Taiwanese breakfast culture to Silicon Valley. Their commitment and innovation have not only brought an authentic Taiwanese breakfast experience to consumers but have also set them apart in the global market.

OCAC Minister Chia-Ching Hsu (left) presents the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Certificate to Xiaoman Riceburrito Founder Mina Hsieh.
Minister Chia-Ching Hsu (third right) presents the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Certificate to three young entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.
Xiaoman Riceburrito's signature dish.
Xiaoman Riceburrito's automatic ordering system is easy to use and can ease labor.

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