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Introduction of 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Lin Te-Wei

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Lin Te-Wei, Japan Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Recipient: Leading Company to ESG Excellence

Lin Te-Wei, the recipient of the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars award, was born in Tainan, Taiwan. His journey to Japan with his father took an unexpected turn during his academic years when his father unexpectedly passed away. Lin Te-Wei had to take the reins and lead the company forward. What was once viewed as a waste management company transformed under his leadership into a leading force in environmental sustainability.

In his early twenties, Lin Te-Wei pursued his education in Japan. His father had previously established "Daikin Industrial Co., Ltd.," a company specializing in recycling scrap metal and used computers. However, the sudden loss of his father compelled Lin Te-Wei to put aside his studies and take on the responsibility of leading the company. Despite being a young and inexperienced individual and not fluent in Japanese at the time, he embraced the challenge.

Lin Te-Wei shared that running a business in Japan has been quite challenging. It is common to encounter clients who frequently overlook initial outreach attempts. Building connections often demands a substantial investment of time and effort, sometimes taking six months to a year before clients are willing to engage in discussions. Additionally, acknowledging his initial limited proficiency in Japanese, Lin candidly admitted that the early days were tough. However, driven by the necessity to sustain the company's growth, he had to learn Japanese while simultaneously manage the business.

Adapting to the changing times, under Lin Te-Wei's leadership, Daikin Industrial expanded its business scope to include the processing of semiconductors and electronic products. As environmental awareness grew, Lin Te-Wei recognized that industrial pollution was one of the contributors to abnormal climate conditions on Earth. Despite the inevitable increase in costs to minimize environmental impact through proper waste handling and recycling, Lin Te-Wei remains steadfast in his commitment. He aims to actively address the ecological crisis by advocating for effective waste sorting, processing, and reuse practices to mitigate environmental impact.

Currently, Daikin Industrial follows a recycling process that involves a detailed categorization of reclaimed products. Using advanced technology, the products undergo processing to attain a state suitable for remanufacturing. The entire process is designed to minimize pollution, and the resulting materials are sent to other manufacturers for further resource utilization. Despite the associated high costs, Lin Te-Wei remains committed to an environmentally friendly approach, viewing involvement in the eco-friendly industry not just as a job but as a manifestation of social responsibility.

This commitment has established Daikin Industrial as one of Japan's exemplary ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) companies. Lin Te-Wei expressed his dedication to continuing sustainable practices and fostering a mutually beneficial coexistence. He is devoted to excellent management, believing that all these efforts can yield positive effects on Earth's resource development, with the goal of contributing to the well-being of the current world and future generations.

Lin Te-Wei shares valuable advice for young individuals contemplating a future in Japan. He believes that be young is a time to be brave and resilient. While encountering failures is inevitable, he emphasizes that there is no shame in it. Young people should seize the opportunity, leveraging their energy and time to experiment and try new things. Daikin Industrial has established collaborative agreements with Taiwanese universities. This initiative allows students from Taiwan to intern in Japan, gaining practical work experience while learning Japanese. It also injects fresh perspectives and vitality into the company.

In conclusion, Lin Te-Wei encourages young people to join Taiwanese chambers of commerce or young entrepreneur groups. Being part of such organizations helps expand personal networks, not only within Japan but also with outstanding talents from Southeast Asia and around the world. This, he believes, significantly aids in broadening one's horizons.
Lin Te-Wei, President of the Japan Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Junior Chapter, receives the 2023 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars award.
Chia-Ching Hsu(left) of the Overseas Community Affairs Council presents the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars award to Lin Te-Wei (right), a young entrepreneur from Japan.
Lin Te-Wei maintains a strong commitment to environmental sustainability as he effectively manages the company's operations.
Lin Te-Wei leads Daikin Industrial to become one of Japan's ESG representative enterprises.

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