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The OCAC's publications and teaching materials are mainly for the use of overseas compatriot schools and classes. Individual overseas compatriots can also apply for the materials for personal use. Commercial use of the materials is strictly forbidden. Each person can use their personal identification documents (foreign passports, permanent resident certificates, etc.) to apply for up to 10 books at one time. Two applications must be 60 days apart. Please come to our Book Center (15th floor, the OCAC) to submit your application. Office hours are 9:00 to 17:00 (12:00 to 13:30 closed), Monday through Friday. 
All materials are downloadable from in e-book formats. Paperback editions are available in the bookstores listed below. 

1. Government Publications Bookstore
Address: No.209, Songjiang Raod, Taipei
TEL: 02-2518-0207

2. Wunan Bookstore
Address: No.6, Zhongshan Road, Taichung
TEL: 04-2226-0330