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2020 OCAC Taiwan Snacks Skills Workshop Opens Taiwan Snacks Promoted Together With Overseas Compatriots

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To increase the business competitiveness of overseas compatriots and meet their entrepreneurship requirements, the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the 2020 OCAC Taiwan Snacks Skills Workshop October 26-31. The Workshop was implemented by HungKuang University and  was attended by 29 trainees from 14 countries including the US, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, France, Ireland, Germany, and Australia.

OCAC Deputy Minister, Hsu Chia-Ching represented OCAC Minister Tung Chen-Yuan at the opening ceremony on October 26 and said in her speech that it was not easy for trainees to return to Taiwan for training in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. She exhorted trainees to learn all they could during the Workshop and use what they learn and their onsite visit experiences to start a business or expand business opportunities when they return home. She also encouraged trainees to make effective use of the Overseas Credit Guarantee Fund to develop their business. She invited trainees to use the Overseas Compatriot Card to make purchases and enjoy discounts at any of the 4100 engaged businesses worldwide.

In her speech, president of HungKuang University Huang, Yueh-Guey said that the university has more than 20 departments and has abundant learning resources that she invited trainees to utilize during their study period.

This Workshop invited professional instructors from Taiwan to teach trainees how to make Taiwanese snacks; visits to enterprises, business opportunity matching sessions and observation visits to culinary equipment makers were arranged.
OCAC Deputy Minister,Hsu Chia-Ching (6th from left) and president of HungKuang University Huang Yueh-Guey (7th from left) in a group photo with trainees.
Trainees visited MeeLang. CEO Angus Pai shared restaurant operation practice with them.
OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-Ching (left) and president of HungKuang University Huang Yueh-Guey(right) attended the opening ceremony

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