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About ""

The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) has long strived to promote overseas compatriot education and has developed Chinese language education together with overseas compatriot schools and cultural and educational organizations around the world. The OCAC established "" in 2007 to effectively use Internet technology to develop Chinese language e-learning. Combining Taiwan's digital technology and vivid and lively Chinese language teaching concepts, "" provides a rich variety of teaching resources including Chinese language and culture teaching materials, courses, films and games, encouraging  overseas compatriot schools to develop diverse and lively teaching models to increase the motivation of overseas compatriot students. The aim, moreover, is to build the brand image for Taiwan's Chinese language e-learning and market Taiwan's excellent Chinese language teaching content. 

"" has developed a large amount of diverse teaching resources to date. Taking into account the continual change in language learning trends and user website browsing habits at present, to further raise the level of website content and usability, at the end of 2017 the OCAC set about stocktaking of various resources and re-design of the website. The all-new "" was officially launched in July 2018. The construction of the new-version website was based on the following six strategies:

Building a global Chinese language learning information center

Student enrollment information is posted for the various Chinese language teacher courses held by the OCAC, and Chinese language related government agencies in Taiwan are assisted to post information on conferences, teacher training and student enrollment, making "" Taiwan's information center for Chinese language learning for the world.

Expanding the Chinese language teaching material library

Digital versions of the teaching materials produced by the OCAC, including textbook PDF and a rich variety of digital material files including pictures, sound and presentations for the new "Let's Learn Chinese" textbooks intended for learners of Chinese as a second language, are provided. In future, related materials will continually be supplemented, providing teachers a comprehensive service from class preparation to class teaching.

Building a cultural material library

Stocktaking of the website's existing culture-related teaching material was conducted and, with reference to the currently-popular micro film concept, the cultural teachers and cultural goodwill missions the OCAC sends overseas annually were invited to produce teaching films; these materials and films are shared on the "" platform; by doing so, the cultural exhibition capability of oversea compatriot schools has been enhanced and the diversity and splendor of Taiwanese culture through folk art, sport and dance displayed.

Multiplying teaching training audio-visual shared courses

Stocktaking of the training course films accumulated over many years was carried out and they then were categorized and converted into video resources that can be watched at any time, breaking through the temporal and spatial restrictions of classroom-based learning and raising the level of competence of teachers at overseas compatriot schools in a concrete way.

Optimization of web page design

The layout and style of "" were adjusted, strengthening the uniformity of visual design, smoothness of operation, system stability and convenience of information search, highlighting the image of Taiwan's traditional Chinese character teaching brand.

Creating a place for overseas compatriot education related sharing and exchange

The results of overseas compatriot Chinese language and cultural activities are posted, so that members have changed from being website resource users to website information issuers; sharing and displaying overseas compatriot school activity results and overcoming restrictions of space and time to make "" a platform for sharing information online for overseas compatriot schools around the world.

The new-version "" aims to be a partner for overseas compatriot education workers, an information center for improving Chinese language teaching skills and a platform on which to display the vibrant development of overseas compatriot education worldwide. It is hoped that overseas compatriot educationalists globally can make effective use of the abundant resources provided by "" and, hand in hand with the OCAC, engage in the promotion of overseas compatriot education all over the world, in doing so raising the international profile of traditional Chinese characters.