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2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection winners announced.Tung Chen-yuan personally presents certificates to winning young entrepreneurs

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The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) held the Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection for the first time last year with the aim of helping global young entrepreneurs grow strong and increase their development capability; the activity received a lot of attention from overseas compatriot young entrepreneurs. The response was very enthusiastic for this year's second edition, with 69 young entrepreneurs from 21 countries on six continents registering. Finally, 30 people had the honor of being named 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Star.

The Bay Area of San Francisco is located in world technology center, Silicon Valley, and has many young entrepreneurs. This year, five people from the area were named Global Young Entrepreneur Stars; they were Jeffrey Yen, Tang Chih-wei, Hsieh Pei-yin, Hsieh Tien-tse and Samuel Chien. OCAC Minister Tung Chen-yuan presented certificates to and congratulated three of the winners at Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco on the afternoon of July 9.He said that Silicon Valley is the world center of innovation and technology and he expects more and more of its young entrepreneurs to take part in Global Young Entrepreneur Stars in future. He expressed the hope that Global Young Entrepreneur Stars can serve as models that inspire young entrepreneurs around the world. He said he was very pleased to be able to present digital certificates to winners in person, and felt gratified as this was the first awards ceremony held since the results of 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection were announced on May 11.

The winning young entrepreneurs took to the stage to give thanks and also shared films about their business operations. As Tang Chih-wei and Hsieh Tien-tse were unable to attend they made a prerecorded video to explain their feeling on receiving the award, Director-General of TECO in San Francisco Ming-Chi Scott Lai, Director of Culture Center of TECO in San Francisco (Milpitas) Sophia Chuang , ROC Centenary Overseas Compatriot Speaking Representative OCAC Senior Adviser Jean Lu , Dr. Lu, OCAC commissioners Jenny Tan, Charles C. Chung, Larry Wang, Catharina L. Gill, Johnney Lee, Anna Wei, first Global Young Entrepreneur Star Yatzu (Anya) Cheng , and overseas compatriot leaders from the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce-Northern California (TACC-NC), Global Federation of Chinese Business Women- Northern California and other organizations attended.

    Three Bay Area 2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars pictured with Tung Chen-yuan (center) and Ming-Chi Scott Lai (2nd from left).
    2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection winner Hsieh Pei-yin.
    2022 Global Young Entrepreneur Stars Selection award ceremony venue.
    Group photo of attendees.