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Taiwanese Junior Business Association of New Zealand holds a lecture Successfully linking Taiwanese youth together

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    Taiwanese Junior Business Association of New Zealand president Michael Hsieh (5th from left, front row) held a lecture. OCAC commissioner Zi-Ying Chen (4th from left, front row) attended to show support
    Taiwanese Junior Business Association of New Zealand team pictured with lecturer Jasmine Jheng (middle, front row)
    Lecturer Jasmine Jheng presented a lecture on skin care

On July 16 in Auckland, the Taiwanese Junior Business Association of New Zealand (TJBANZ) held a skin care lecture Skin Care That Suits You. It was attended by almost 50 people, including OCAC councilmember Zi-Ying Chen, TJBANZ members and people from various walks of life.

First, TJBANZ President Michael Hsieh welcomed and thanked everyone and then introduced lecturer Jasmine Jheng, from Kaohsiung in Taiwan. After graduation from the Department of Industrial Engineering at I-Shou University in Taiwan, she began studying for a Masters in Commercial Analysis at the Victoria University of Wellington five years ago, and after graduation, was employed as a commercial analyst by the IT department of Fire and Emergency New Zealand. With a keen interest in skincare science, in her spare time she qualified as a skin care consultant by completing an in-service course. She currently lives and works in Wellington. For this occasion, she flew with her team to Auckland to share professional skin care knowledge with the members of TJBANZ.

With easy to understand examples and projected illustrations, Jasmine explained to everyone the structure of the skin and the causes of skin problems. Using her knowledge of industrial engineering gained at university. Jasmine explained Germany's Industrie 4.0 (Industry 4.0 (I40)) and the direction of industry. As most of the attendees are relatively new to the workplace and are keen to look their best to increase their competitiveness, they were very interested in her advice on skin care and makeup techniques. After the lecture ended, many went to ask questions and chat with the lecturer, creating a lively scene. The event built a good contact network between Taiwanese youth in Auckland and Wellington.