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Overseas Community Affairs Council 2022 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program has begun!

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The "Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Training Program" (the Program) has been handled by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, ROC (Taiwan) (OCAC) since 2017. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Program has been held online since 2021, receiving positive evaluation and affirmation. In 2022, the online Program will be held from July 11th to 29th to meet the needs of overseas cultural teachers for further education. A total of 79 participants from 19 countries around the world have signed up for the Program.

The online training program is undertaken by the Open University of Kaohsiung this year. The courses have been designed with the core theme of Taiwan's traditional culture; courses are divided into the three categories of "Folk Sports", "Folk Art" and "Folk Dance". The trainees will choose any two from the three categories to study. The program content includes Diabolo, Hakka Plant Dyeing, dance of the Amis indigenous tribe, and so on. In addition to specialized courses, lectures on Taiwan's indigenous peoples and innovation and design of Taiwan Cultural Festivals overseas and other subjects will be held online, for trainees to fully and effectively learn the characteristics of Taiwanese culture simultaneously and non-simultaneously. In recent years, the OCAC has trained many folk and culture teachers overseas, all of whom have helped us to expand overseas cultural teaching, the organization of large-scale cultural events in the overseas community, and the promotion of Taiwan's distinctive culture.

The OCAC expects, using what they learn in the Program, trainees will serve as ambassadors of Taiwanese culture all over the world when they return home, actively passing on and promoting Taiwanese folk culture overseas, to let the world see the beauty of Taiwanese culture.

    The program is hosted by the Overseas Community Affairs Council, and undertaken by Open University of Kaohsiung.
    The OCAC Vice Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu attended the opening ceremony of OCAC 2022 Taiwanese Culture and Folk Art Teacher Online Training Program.
    A group photograph of the opening ceremony.