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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star –Simpson Lin

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Simpson Lin first visited Manila in 2009, started up his business with PHP50,000 in 2015 and grew company revenue to PHP 300M in 2018. From 2021, in addition to the real estate agency business, he also started to invest in undeveloped land in preparation for entry into the warehousing business, aiming to enter the next growth peak. He currently manages hundreds millions of PHP in funds for real estate investors from Taiwan, China and Singapore. Personally involved in property investment and startups in two neighboring countries, Philippines and Taiwan.

1. Co-Founder, FP Mars Realty Solutions Inc. (Private)
2. Honorary President, Taiwan Association Philippines Youth Chapter (NGO)
3. Associate Adviser, Overseas Community Affairs Council, Taiwan (Government)
A few years before FP MARS REALTY SOLUTIONS INC. was born, the team was engaged in real property investment and real estate brokerage, earning customers’ trust and continuous patronage, and thus the company developed well.

Simpson Lin thinks that his customers are most important. Whether you a the first time investor based in Manila or abroad, a lessor who needs assistance to look for a tenant or manage your property, or you have several properties need to dispose, the team commits to provide the-top-quality service you deserve.

Simpson Lin believes in integrity and good service to build strong and lasting business relationship with clients. His company is an SEC registered brokerage firm focusing on BUY and SELL, RENT, Property Management and Transfer of Title.

    Simpson Lin, OCAC "Global Young Entrepreneur Star of 2021".
    Simpson Lin, Co-Founder of FP Mars Realty Solutions Inc.