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Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles holds Taiwanese Games Day for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

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To celebrate May's Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles (TJCCLA) held the "Taiwanese Game Day" at the Culture Center of TECO in Los Angeles on May 28. The main organizer of the event, Jill Lin, Secretary General of TJCCLA, led overseas compatriots and members back to their worry-free childhood to rekindle childhood memories; the games included a rapid-fire quiz, picking up red beans with chopsticks, fishing for wine bottles, song guessing from the prelude and classic Radish Squat and charades.

The "rapid fire quiz" was hosted by Vice President Eric Fu, who prepared various questions about Taiwan's culture and history, testing contestant ability to answer yes or no in a short space of time; jumping left and right to answer tested both knowledge and reactions. "Picking up red beans with chopsticks" was hosted by Treasurer Henry Hong and used a points system; each round had six competitors with the one who picked up the most beans and got the most points in one minute would be the winner. For the "fishing for bottles game", the rods were carefully made by Deputy Secretary Susan Wang herself; each round had six competitors and the one who could catch the most bottles in one minute was the winner.

Then, "Radish Squat" was hosted by Director Emily Chin. Contestants were divided into groups, named after Taiwanese dishes and then took turns to have the other teams squat or jump. The members of the last surviving team all scored points. "Charades" was hosted by Deputy Treasurer Ray Wu and Director Tina Ku. Divided into groups, contestants were required to convey the topic to team members without making a sound, using hands and feet, with all team members scoring points for a right answer by the last team member; the members of the team with the highest score all scored points. Song guessing from the prelude was hosted by Vice President Deborah Liu and was an individual competition; the prelude to a Taiwanese song was played for 3-5 seconds and the first to put up their hand and give the right answer scored a point, the person with most points winning.

Deputy Director of the Culture Center of TECO in Los Angeles Cheng Hsin-Ju said she was very happy to take part in this event and hopes to see more similar events held by the Junior Chapter in future to bring local Taiwanese-Americans together through fun games. Chairman Paul Chen of the Taiwan Center Foundation of Greater Los Angeles attended and in his speech he said jokingly that it was fortunate that the competitions involved traditional Taiwanese games not video games, and joked that the next time the Junior Chapter can hold a very Taiwanese shrimp fishing event, making everyone laugh. Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce - Junior Chapter of Greater Los Angeles

President William Wei thanked the Culture Center for its strong support for the Junior Chapter's activity and for not just providing the venue, but also providing fine gifts for the winners of the games.

To encourage second generation Taiwanese-Americans to take part in chamber events, merge the environments of different eras and ensure that the traditions of the chamber continue, the Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles established its Junior Chapter in 2000, under the chamber and with a president and directors chosen by a board. It brings together first and second generation Taiwanese entrepreneurs and its members work together to pass on the fine traditions of Taiwanese entrepreneurs; and, with the support of the TCCNA, it exchanges information with and coordinates and contacts all the regions of the WTCC.
Taiwanese American Chamber of Commerce Los Angeles Junior Chapter President William Wei giving a speech.
Picking up red beans with chopsticks game.
Fishing for bottles game.