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Economic indicators continue to flash 'yellow-red' light in December: NDC

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Economic indicators continue to flash 'yellow-red' light in December: NDC

Taipei, Jan. 27 (CNA) Taiwan's composite index of economic indicators flashed a "yellow-red" light in December 2021 for the second consecutive month, indicating a slight decline from two months ago, the National Development Council (NDC) said Thursday.

Data released by the NDC, the top economic planning agency in Taiwan, showed the composite index of monitoring indicators, which reflects the existing economic situation, remaining at 37, the same as in November, the council said in a statement.

Despite remaining the same, the figure was just one short of 38, the lower end of the range for a "red light," which indicates strong growth.

Taiwan's economy flashed "red light" for nine consecutive months between February and October last year.

However, there was also no consecutive monthly decline and the economy is still doing well, the NDC said.

Furthermore, the trend-adjusted leading index decreased by 0.02% in December 2021 to 102.31, the first decline since July 2021, while the trend-adjusted coincident index increased by 0.35% in December, up to 103.17, the fifth consecutive monthly rise, the NDC said.

In addition, the trend-adjusted lagging index increased by 0.81% in December 2021 to 105.31, the 14th consecutive monthly rise, the NDC said.

The council uses a five-color system to gauge the country's economic performance, with blue indicating economic contraction, green signifying stable growth, and red indicating an overheated or booming economy.

Meanwhile, yellow-blue and yellow-red are indicators for observation to determine which way the economy is heading.

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