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Mayor, Deputy Mayor Promote Taipei CNY Gift Sets for Informercial Collaboration

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Mayor, Deputy Mayor Promote Taipei CNY Gift Sets for Informercial Collaboration

With the Year of Tiger just around the corner, Mayor Ko Wen-je joined Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan and Bravo for a live infomercial broadcast at Dihua Street to promote affordable and delicious Taipei Chinese New Year Gift Sets on January 21.
At the start of the program, Bravo teamed up with the host to tout products available via ETMall Dihua Lunar New Year Festival, including “The Carp Special Mullet Roe Gift Set,” “Renaissance Formosa Choice Shredded Pork Crisp”, “The Carp Abalone Chicken Soup and Scallop Porridge Set,” and “Lantung Herb’s Peach Gum Chickpea Tremella Soup.”
During his address, the mayor noted that after this long, the pandemic is still with us. That is why there is always a chance that something will happen right before any physical event. To accommodate this factor of randomness, many activities have integrated both online and physical formats. Such arrangements will likely continue in the future.
Citing the Chinese New Year Street Bazaar this year as an example, Ko pointed out that the collaboration with infomercial and ecommerce companies plays an important role. The convenience of watching television/monitor, choosing the merchandise with a click of your finger, and paying via third-party payment is a great way to deliver holiday gifts to yourself, your friends, or loved ones. 
The mayor and deputy mayor also took the opportunity to introduce New Year’s gift products from local stores such as “Lantung Herb’s Fruit Tea Gift Set,” “The Carp Dining and Beverage Combo Pack,” “Latung Herb’s Eucommiae Ulmoides Chicken Soup,” “Monkey Mars Lucky Tiger Prosperity Cookie Box,” and more to potential customers. They hope that everyone will be able to purchase New Year’s gift sets which will satisfy even picky eaters. 

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