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The pride of Asia! Taiwan's team joined Solar Decathlon Europe 2022 held in Germany

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Taiwan's team participated Solar Decathlon Europe 2022 held in Germany.
「1 House for All」green building

Solar Decathlon Europe 2022 (SDE 22) was held at the University of Wuppertal June 10-22. Taiwan was represented by a team from the Transdisciplinary Design Innovation Shop of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU / Team TDIS). The competition required the building of a two-story green energy house designed by the team in 10 days according to competition regulations; and collection of energy consumption data through sensor devices and holding of a Dinner Party for the other teams and observation of energy consumption data. On June 25, Taiwan Culture Day was held and the teams competed for 10 main prizes and 11 special prizes. The Taiwan team reached the last 18 out of 80 teams from around the world; of these 18 teams, only eight completed the onsite building challenge with the Taiwan team the only one from Asia.

Taiwan’s team at SDE 22 embedded the core concept of sustainability in the design to solve current social and environmental problems. The team put forward the “1 House for All” innovative solution green building innovative plan aiming to promote low-carbon urban renewal characterized by sustainable energy, circular use of building materials and the shared economy.

The competition has entered the popular vote stage; instructions for how to vote can be found by following the Facebook link below. Overseas compatriots are invited to support the Taiwan team!

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