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Taiwan attends EU civil protection forum

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Photo courtesy of the Executive Yuan

Taipei, June 30 (CNA) The European Commission invited Taiwan to attend a civil protection forum held earlier this week in Brussels for the first time, where representatives of the country shared its experiences in digital disaster prevention, the Executive Yuan said Thursday.

According to a Cabinet press release, the 7th European Civil Protection Forum was held in the Belgium capital from June 28-29.

In order to strengthen exchanges with European Union member states and its participating members at the forum, a Taiwan-dedicated booth was set up at the event to showcase the country's developments in digital simulation training through the use of virtual reality (VR), it added.

Wang Yi-wen (王怡文), deputy chief of the Cabinet's Office of Disaster Management who headed the delegation at the event, said they were able to share some of Taiwan's innovative applications in digital disaster prevention.

These included the adoption of a disaster prevention public warning system, preventive evacuation mechanisms and VR digital simulation training system, Wang said.

In addition to sharing Taiwan's experiences, the Cabinet said the delegation also learned about the digital disaster prevention techniques of different participating member states, as well as their disaster management and response approaches.

Furthermore, the forum also laid the foundation for Taiwan's future participation in disaster prevention activities and exchanges with European countries, it added.

The European Civil Protection Forum is an important event at which the EU promotes civil protection exchanges, the Cabinet said, adding that it mainly discusses how to protect citizens and reduce various risks and threats through regional cooperation in the face of major challenges such as natural disasters caused by climate change and war and conflict.

The event this year brought together more than 800 participants from over 50 countries, according to the Cabinet statement.

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