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Taiwan President Visits Air Force Command – August 12, 2022

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Today, President Tsai thanks the Air Force for their 'round-the-clock' vigilance. And we look at how Taiwan's representatives have been talking to international media after Pelosi's visit and China's military drills in response. Plus, how some Taiwan businesses are turning Beijing's economic sanctions into new opportunities. Also in the show:
- Taiwan plans missile tests
- A mayoral candidate bows out over an academic scandal
- Keelung celebrates Ghost Month

00:00 - Top Stories
00:54 - Taiwan President Visits Air Force Command
01:43 - China Drills Aftermath
04:13 - Taiwan Representatives React
09:40 - Paraguay's New Envoy to Taiwan
10:30 - Taiwan To Test-Fire Missiles
12:01 - Southern Taiwan Flooding
12:28 - Taiwan Responds to Chinese Economic Retaliation 
15:42 - Mayoral Candidate Plagiarism Case
18:01 - War Threatens Ukrainian Nuclear Plant 
18:39 - China, S. Korea Missile Shield Dispute 
19:24 - War Gaming the Taiwan Strait 
22:33 - 2022 Creative Expo Taiwan
23:39 - Keelung Mid-Summer Ghost Festival

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