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U.S. Delegation in Taiwan - Aug 15, 2022

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Today, another American delegation in Taiwan … less than two weeks after U.S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit was met by fury from Beijing. And, nine Taiwanese victims of human trafficking are back home after being in captivity in Cambodia. But officials believe hundreds or even thousands of Taiwanese nationals may still be held in the country. Also in the show: 
-Taiwan’s housing prices are on the rise
-Taiwanese high school marching band finishes strong in the Netherlands 
-Indigenous film festival comes to Kaohsiung

00:00 - Top Stories
00:58 - U.S. Delegation in Taiwan
04:42 - Taiwan-U.S. Trade Ties
05:25 - 9 Human Trafficking Victims Back in Taiwan
07:28 - Taiwan Population Increases in July
07:57 - Taiwan Housing Prices Surge
12:26 - Anniversary of Taliban Takeover
15:01 - Egypt Church Fire 
15:51 - India Celebrates Independence Day
19:06 - Taiwan Marching Band Claims Bronze
20:41 - Kaohsiung to Host Indigenous Film Festival 
22:16 - An Unexpected Bird
23:42 - Migrant Worker Business School

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