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Taiwan military reviewing PLA tactics applied in recent drills

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Taiwan's military conducts a recent live-fire artillery drill.

Taipei, Aug. 15 (CNA) Various units of Taiwan's armed forces have begun reviewing and analyzing the tactics employed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in its recent drills held around the island, a military source said Monday.

The After-Action Review is intended to analyze the intimidation, cognitive, and information warfare tactics employed by China against Taiwan, and the information gathered from the analysis will serve as a useful reference for the military in future, a military official told CNA on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, Taiwan is expected to hold a series of routine military drills as planned that involve various branches of the armed forces in the near future.

According to the official, one of these exercises will be held jointly by the Navy and Air Force in waters northeast and southwest of Taiwan on Thursday and Aug. 24.

On Wednesday, the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command is scheduled to hold live-fire exercises in Pingtung County involving the AH-64E Apache and AH-1W Super Cobra helicopters, the official said.

In addition, the Army will conduct its annual exercise on Sept. 5, also in Pingtung, involving snipers from combined arms battalions, combat vehicles, Clouded Leopard armored vehicles, and mortars.

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