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Ministry of Digital Affairs to launch Aug. 27

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Ministry of Digital Affairs to launch Aug. 27

At the Cabinet's weekly meeting Thursday, Premier Su Tseng-chang received a briefing on preparations for the inauguration of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA). MODA will be officially established August 27, the premier said, and will create safer and more trustworthy information security environments, develop industry chains, build digital resilience for all, and safeguard national security against cyber threats.

Aside from traditional political and economic power, the most important domain of competition among advanced nations today is digital power, the premier said. In 2016, the Executive Yuan proposed the DIGI+: Digital Nation and Innovative Economic Development Program (2017-2025), and continues to promote basic digital infrastructure and the creation of environments favorable to the development of digital innovation.

MODA will integrate the fields of telecommunications, information, cybersecurity, the internet and broadcasting. This will not only demonstrate Taiwan's determination to join the digital networks of democratic countries while engaging in mutually beneficial exchanges with the global tech community, but also strengthen Taiwan's overall cybersecurity capabilities and promote development of the digital economy in the new era.

Premier Su expressed hope that the public and private sectors will work together in the years ahead to promote the digital transformation and innovative development of industries, as it will enable Taiwan's ICT industries to retain their leading position and usher Taiwan into the new digital era.

Taiwan currently faces political, economic and military threats from China, with the government and private sector seeing increased instances of cyberattacks and disinformation campaigns. The premier instructed government agencies to enhance their vigilance, prevent any cybersecurity attacks, and boost the system defense capabilities of core databases and critical infrastructure.

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