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Chinese Military Presencein Taiwan Strait - Aug 16, 2022

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Today, a new normal? China continues its military pressure on Taiwan following another U.S. diplomatic visit. Beijing bans seven Taiwanese officials from visiting China, accusing them of seeking independence. One sanctioned lawmaker says Beijing is just "venting emotions." Also in the show: 
- More cases of human trafficking of Taiwanese  
- Taiwan further eases quarantine rules
- It's known as the rainy city. But the port city of Keelung is facing a drought.

00:00 - Top Stories
00:58 - Chinese Military Presence in Taiwan Strait
04:13 - China Sanctions Taiwan Officials
05:37 - Human Trafficking in Cambodia
07:08 - Human Trafficking in Myanmar 
08:02 - Taiwan Eases Quarantine Rules
08:43 - Taiwans Keelung Faces Drought
09:23 - Kaohsiung Construction Accident 
14:16 - Kenya Elects New Leader
15:01 - China Flashpoint in Kenya Election 
17:51 - Aung Sang Suu Kyi Prison Term Extended 
18:26 - U.S. and S. Korea to Resume Exercise
19:21 - Endangered Four-Spot Midget Damselfly
21:23 - S. African Surfboard Makers in Taiwan

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