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Taiwanese Citizens Trafficked in Cambodia- Aug 17, 2022

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Today, police arrest a woman thought to be one of the ringleaders behind a human trafficking operation tricking Taiwanese in going to Southeast Asia. A grisly discovery - New Taipei police found a woman’s body stuffed in a fridge. Also in the show: 
-1st typhoon before September in 3 years forecast next week
-China deploys drones against Taiwan
-Man shot in Kaohsiung hospital

00:00 - Top Stories
00:50 - Taiwanese Citizens Trafficked in Cambodia
03:03 - Taiwanese Citizens Trafficked Abroad
06:56 - China's Military Exercises
07:57 - China's New Tactic Against Taiwan
11:04 - Man Shot in Kaohsiung Hospital
11:24 - Body Found in New Taipei Fridge
12:06 - More Furloughed Workers in Taiwan
13:01 - Flight Crews Protest COVID-19 Rules
14:52 - Taipei Dome Controversy 
15:44 - Taiwan Typhoons 
19:49 - Record Heat Closes China Factories 
20:28 - Russian Invasion of Ukraine
21:49 - Taiwan Circus Star
25:49 - EasyCard 20th Anniversary 

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