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U.N. General Assembly, September 22, 2022

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Taiwan's allies speak up for the country at the U.N. General Assembly as tensions in the Taiwan Strait mount. And the country's military is adding a new warship to its naval arsenal. Plus, Taiwan's quarantine rules are being scrapped, but not for a few more weeks. Also in today's show:
- Travel difficulties after Sunday's earthquake
- More English classes at Taiwan's universities
- MOFA pushes its ICAO bid
- U.S. banks say they would leave China if Beijing attacks Taiwan

00:00 - Top Stories
00:50 - U.N. General Assembly
03:55 - New Stealth Corvette
08:23 - U.S. Banks on China
08:51 - Taiwan To End Quarantine
09:36 - Earthquake Severs East Coast Rail Line
11:32 - Tech Deployed in Earthquake Rescue
12:21 - English Teaching at Taiwan Universities 
15:59 - Tsai Meets Czech Delegation
16:42 - Taiwan ICAO Bid 
17:27 - Russia's Invasion of Ukraine  
21:14 - Iran Protests Go International
21:53 - Lebanon Economic Crisis
22:48 - National Day Merchandise Unveiled
24:42 - Endangered Pangolin at Taipei Zoo

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