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41th Annual Confucious Memorial Ceremony in the Bay Area

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Traditional six-row dance
Group photo time!
OCAC Overseas Chinese Outstanding Teacher Awardees
San Dong Scholarship Awardees

The 41st Confucius Memorial Ceremony was hosted on September 25, 2022. This event was organized by the Committee for the Confucius Memorial Ceremony, comprised of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco, the Culture Center of TECO in San Francisco (Milpitas), San Dong Association, and the Association of Northern California Chinese Schools.

The thirty-six dancers and twelve deacons who performed were all high school students, some of which are part of Formosa Association of Student Cultural Ambassadors (FASCA). The six-row dance is performed every year in honor of Confucious on his birthday. The dancers had to be synchronized in their moves while keeping their ceremonial props upright throughout the dance. The purpose of the ceremony is to commemorate the birth of Confucius, the historically prevalent philosopher and educator for all. The annual Confucius Memorial Ceremony promotes and publicizes Confucian thoughts, doctrines, and ideas in the Bay Area.  

TECO Director-General Ming-Chi Scott Lai gave a keynote speech to all in attendance, while the Committee for the Confucius Memorial Ceremony Chairperson Ming Lue welcomed all to the celebration of all teachers. C.C. of TECO in San Francisco (Milpitas) Director Ya-Shu Sophia Chuang was also in attendance.

Over 500 people attended the highly anticipated event, which included the reading of “Rules of Disciples" by ANCCS Students from all over Northern California, which is a work of tribute to Confucious. This year, the youngest participant is only 4 years old. Bay Area San Dong Association awarded 7 students with $500 scholarships.

This year, 23 teachers were presented with the Overseas Chinese Outstanding Teacher Awards. This prestigious recognition was presented by Overseas Community Affairs Council, to teachers ranging from 5 to 30 years of service in teaching the next generation.

It is important to recognize the contributions of longtime teachers, they truly are underappreciated. Thank you teachers!

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