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Premier Su touts TaiwanPlus TV as way to share Taiwan with the world

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Premier Su touts TaiwanPlus TV as way to share Taiwan with the world

Premier Su Tseng-chang and President Tsai Ing-wen attended a press conference Monday for the launch of the TaiwanPlus TV channel. TaiwanPlus began broadcasting as an Internet platform in August of 2021, and the premier welcomed the launch of its new TV broadcast capabilities. Through primarily English-language programming, TaiwanPlus TV will share beautiful and moving stories and experiences about Taiwan, as well as illustrate the vitality of the nation's hard-working people, with a worldwide audience.

Citing COVID-19 as an example, the premier said that as the pandemic devastated countries around the world, the people of Taiwan not only successfully contained the spread of infections, but also registered a 6.57% economic growth rate last year, the highest in 11 years. Premier Su believes that the international community is eager to know more about Taiwan's experience, which includes the nation's success in fighting the pandemic while growing the economy amidst a global downturn, as well as showing resilience by upholding democratic freedoms and deepening democratic development while dealing with China's threats and oppression. Taiwan is more than happy to share these stories and experiences with the world and contribute to the global community, and TaiwanPlus will become a channel to communicate with audiences abroad so that people worldwide can learn more about Taiwan.

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