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NBA CAVs performance from Chinese Academy of Cleveland and Taiwan Center For Mandarin Learning

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CAOC and TCML performance group
CAOC and TCML performance group
Director Steve Huang and CAOC families
Performance group

The Chinese Academy of Cleveland 克里夫蘭中文書院 (CAOC) has been invited by the NBA Cleveland Cavalier to have a pre-game performance on 1/21/2023. The school has passed out the invitation for volunteers who would like to perform dances at the game. There are thirty volunteers from the CAOC and Taiwan Center For Mandarin Learning (TCML,臺灣華語文學習中心 ) signed up to have the performance. Teacher Ann Chang and Chao Hsu Yao have lead the team to dance "Don't leave it blank while you are young (年輕不要留白)" and "Techno Electric Neon Gods Dance (電音三太子)". There were 120 people including performers, friends and families of CAOC and TCML came to the game to see their performance. 

The group has been practicing since October weekly and special T-shirts with one side of TCML and the other side of CAOC were made for their performance. Thank you for the support from Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC,僑委會)  to make this happened. All performers have done their best and they were very proud to represent the CAOC and TCML for this community performance. They have learned the songs in Chinese and followed the teachers Ann Chang and Chao Hsu Yao to dance in front of an audience at the court of Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland. They have successfully brought our culture and dance to the community for people who came to the NBA game to know about the existence of the Chinese Language Learning Center. 

Deputy Director Steve Huang(黃土聰副主任) has come to Cleveland by representing the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) and Cultural Center in Chicago to support this special group performance. Director Huang has praised the effort from each group member and Principal Grace Lin who coordinated this event. Deputy Director Huang stated it's not easy to have this opportunity and everyone has done a great job successfully introducing our Taiwanese culture, songs and dances to so many people who came to the game in the community.  It's an honor to have Deputy Director Huang come to Cleveland in person to support the CAOC and TCML. It's an unforgettable experience for every member from the group who danced at the NBA game. 


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