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Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of New York donates Wonders of MathΘinking book set

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Founding President of the Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce of New York  Dr. Peter Lin (left) presented the book set on TCCNY’s behalf. They were received by OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-ching on behalf of the OCAC.
Group photo of guests


The Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of New York (TCCNY) donated Wonders of MathΘinking book set published by the Humanistic Education Foundation for display in the Overseas Community Affairs Council's (OCAC) 16 overseas culture centers. The OCAC held a simple but solemn donation ceremony on April 1 to express gratitude to the TCCNY and the Humanistic Education Foundation. OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-Ching presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the OCAC to representative of the TCCNY Dr. Peter Lin; guests including Executive Director Joanna Feng of the Humanistic Education Foundation were also in attendance.

Deputy Minister Hsu first thanked the TCCNY for generously donating Wonders of MathΘinking book set published by the Humanistic Education Foundation. The book sets for 1st to 5th graders, it has 16 text book sets for 10 semesters and will enrich the collections of the OCAC's overseas culture centers. Hsu said that math is the mother of science but is also a subject that many students find difficult. Wonders of MathΘinking book set uses the picture book method and merges math education and local Taiwanese culture to bring math and life closer together. For overseas students, the diverse Taiwan cultural elements in the picture book set will imperceptibly provide the knowledge they need to learn about Taiwan as well as increase their motivation for learning math. She expressed the hope that this book picture book series can, in future, be displayed in the OCAC's culture centers for reading by overseas compatriots and also to benefit overseas students, demonstration the hard-working efforts to producing related teaching materials in Taiwan.