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Australian-resident Overseas Compatriot the First to Register on Day 1 of the OCAC's National Day Registration

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OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-ching (left) presenting a certificate to overseas compatriot Liao Gui-hsing (right)
In her speech, OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu thanked overseas compatriots for returning from their country of residence to attend the Double Tenth National Day celebration despite all the difficulties
Liao Gui-hsing was the first overseas compatriot to register this year. This is his 11th participation in the National Day celebrations.
The OCAC launched Double Tenth R.O.C. (Taiwan) National Day registration for overseas compatriots on October 5. Many overseas compatriots arrived early to complete registration.

 This weekend welcomes Double Tenth R.O.C. (Taiwan) National Day. The Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) began accepting registrations from overseas compatriots returning for National Day celebrations on October 5. The first one to register was Liao Gui-hsing from Melbourne, Australia. He received a certificate, epidemic prevention care pack and bell fruit(wax-apple) gift box from OCAC Deputy Minister Hsu Chia-ching. Even though the COVID-19 epidemic means that returning overseas compatriots must undergo 14 days quarantine and seven days of self-health management, more than 1000 overseas compatriots are still expected to return for the grand event.

The theme of this year's National Day is "Democratic Grand Alliance, Friends With the World." The OCAC today activated the Overseas Compatriot Double Tenth registration activity and Deputy Minister Hsu was on site early to greet overseas compatriots.

In her speech, Hsu thanked overseas compatriots for still supporting the R.O.C. (Taiwan) and making a special trip back from their place of residence to take part in Double Tenth Day activities in the face of difficulties. She said that COVID-19 has had a big impact on the world from the start of last year to the present and Taiwan's alert level was raised to 3 for a time in May. Everyone was worried as to whether the National Day celebrations would go ahead smoothly. Luckily, the people of Taiwan displayed a very high level of citizen literacy and the people joined together in fighting the epidemic with the government. After a two-month fight against the epidemic we can now be together and celebrate National Day, she said.

"This year's Double Tenth Day is 1101010 (10th day of 10th month of the 110th year of the R.O.C.), Triple Ten, symbolizing triple satisfaction." Hsu said that all overseas compatriots returning this year can receive Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers that they can make good use of; the OCAC has also prepared souvenirs for registering overseas compatriots, including designing pillows, hats, facemasks and environmental protection bags with Formosan black bear elements. The OCAC will also provide the Overseas Compatriot Service Handbook that explains the rights of overseas compatriots and various related resources in detail. She said that this "encyclopedia" also has an electronic version that everyone is welcome to download and use.

Hsu also introduced the splendid National Day activities arranged this year for overseas compatriots. Firstly, a National Day evening banquet will be held at Hsinchu Airforce Base on October 9; during the event, the winner of the Mandarin Singing Competition for Overseas Compatriot School Students and Overseas Compatriot Students Studying in Taiwan will take the stage to perform. Then, on the morning of October 10, in the square in front of the Presidential Office, there will be the grand National Day Assembly and a rich variety of performances, including the warplane aerial show everyone is looking forward to. The National Day fireworks display will fill the sky above Kaohsiung with color and sound in the evening. It will be the largest ever in scale and showcase the majesty of the 100-year old harbor. She also invited overseas compatriots to go to Kaohsiung to witness the development and progress of south Taiwan.

Hsu said that Taiwan has officially applied to join the CPTPP. She said she hopes overseas compatriots can bring into play the spirit of overseas compatriot diplomacy and support Taiwan. She once again welcomed overseas compatriots returning to celebrate the nation's birthday and joining the ranks of "Democratic Grand Alliance, Friends With The World" so that Taiwan can make more friends around the world and that will be the most powerful supporting force. She also reminded everyone to cooperate with epidemic prevention measures when taking part in National Day celebrations to protect Taiwan.

The first overseas compatriot to register this year was Liao Gui-hsing from Melbourne, Australia, who said he was happy to be the first. "I'm very proud as an overseas compatriot to be able to celebrate the motherland's birthday." Liao has taken part in National Day 11 times in a row and last year visited Keelung on a trip after the celebration. He said he has stayed in Taiwan since returning in June "Because epidemic prevention has been done very well in Taiwan." He said that, after SARS, Taiwan has correct ideas regarding virus prevention and the people adhere to the requirements to wear masks and maintain social distance, protecting themselves and others. "People living in Taiwan are really lucky" he said. Liao thanked the government for putting the health of the people first and for caring about overseas compatriots, regularly donating medical materials to countries and overseas communities in need, showing the spirit of Taiwan Can Help.

To join in the "post-epidemic stimulus" effort, the OCAC encourages overseas compatriots to use the opportunity of taking part in National Day to travel in Taiwan. This year, 38 travel agents provide 116 travel routes combining Taiwan's scenery, food, art and culture, giving an in-depth experience of the varied charms of Taiwan. They can also use their Overseas Compatriot Card to enjoy discounts on a variety of distinctive products at businesses across Taiwan. Hsu said that eligible overseas compatriots can receive a National Day travel subsidy of up to NT$3000 from the OCAC. She hopes that they can see the beauty of Taiwan and different faces of Taiwan during their stay in Taiwan.