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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star – Terry Lee Huang. A potential star young businessmen in Thailand, talks about his personal development process.

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Mr. Terry Lee Huang  hails from Hsinchu, Taiwan. Currently he is the owner and managing director of Nasco Sanitaryware (a ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer), based in Thailand. He took over this family business in his early thirties, and currently has over 500 employees.

Terry spent his early childhood in Taiwan, and when he was 9, he moved with his family to Thailand. After graduating from high school there, he went to the US for college, completing double major at Indiana University at Bloomington. After graduation, he worked for 3 US-based companies for 8 years. The biggest impression that was left through his early working days was that he flew almost weekly. His travels were so frequent that he exhausted 3 passports in 8 years as his passports kept on running out of pages for immigration stamps. For his work at that time, he mostly flew between the US, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and Thailand. This period of time also gave him a good deal of experience as well as a dedication to work. When he went back to Thailand at age 30, he took over the family business.

A few years in Nasco, he met some critical issues that threatened to break the company. Even though Terry was under a lot of pressure, he adjusted his mentality and was determined to turn things around. Today, having made it through the rough patch, Terry has expanded into the retail market, having more than 50 retail stores throughout Thailand, and looking to expand to 66 by the end of 2022. Terry's mission statement for his retail arm, Home Fast, is to service the less urban areas in Thailand and make allow local people to meet their needs in the building material sector easily.

Terry is happily married with his wife has two daughters, now they are expecting a third child. Aside from spending time at work and family, he is very active in the Taiwanese community and associations in Thailand. Currently he serves as a vice president of the Thai-Taiwan Business Association (TTBA), with the main responsibility of being a liaison between TTBA and other foreign chambers in Thailand. He wants to help Taiwan to be seen much more on the international stage. He also serves concurrently on the executive boards of a Taiwanese temple and local chapters of the Taiwanese community, as well as having received the honorary title of Overseas Community Affairs Council Coordinator from the government of Taiwan. Before serving at TTBA, he also served as a vice president of the Taiwan Association in Thailand. Now,  Terry can often be seen at various functions and meetings held by the Taiwanese groups. 

Terry wants to grow in all aspects of his life, especially in helping Taiwan to be more represented on the international stage. He encourages all Taiwanese newcomers to Thailand to participate in the TTBA or other Taiwanese groups, so they can all help each other to further their dreams and goals, as well as increase Taiwan's exposure to the world.
Mr. Terry Lee Huang during an interview.
Mr. Terry Lee Huang at an activity of foreign chambers in Thailand.
Mr. Terry Lee Huang at an activity of foreign chambers in Thailand.
Mr. Terry Lee Huang and his family.