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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star – Yale Huang

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Yale Huang is president of KUS USA, Inc., a firm that provides custom designed liquid level sensors and engineered sensing solutions for the on-road and off-road commercial vehicle industry. 

As president of KUS USA, Yale is responsible for the PnL of the Americas region (North, Central, and South America), and the growth of the KUS brand and market perception. He meets with customer management to discuss go-to-market strategies and new product developments. Yale is also part of the Executive Management Team (EMT) at the parent company, KUSAUTO, where he contributes to business directions and strategy decisions for the next 3/5/10 years, as well as providing input regarding new product lines to launch based on market direction and customer requests.

Prior to KUS USA, Inc, Yale worked in the financial industry as a buy-side trader and analyst  of G10 FX and global equities, commodities, and derivatives markets.

Outside of work, Yale is an angel investor in private companies, helping founders to connect with strategic partners and capital. He is also an advocate for Web 3 and the future of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Yale volunteers his time as president of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce of Miami, and as a Director at STUF United Fund, where he heads the Global Volunteer Initiatives Committee. He helped founded the STUF Coding International, a pilot program to help making coding education more accessible to underserved communities.

Yale holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University.

Yale believes in Servant Leadership, where we rise by lifting others. He also mirrors Ray Dalio's management philosophy of "radical transparency". 
Yale Huang, OCAC "Global Young Entrepreneur Star of 2021".
Yale Huang (Left1) is the president at KUS USA, Inc.