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How can overseas compatriot students apply for a preferential treatment (bonus points) certificate?

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1. Application methods:

  1. Apply to the school: The OCAC will write to the Ministry of Education at the beginning of each year to request that schools make a list of overseas compatriot students and submit it to the OCAC for verification. The OCAC will send preferential treatment certificates to the schools, which will then hand them out to qualified overseas compatriot students.
  2. Apply to the OCAC: Applications may be submitted at Counter 5 of the Department of Student Affairs of the OCAC either in person or by an entrusted agent with relevant supporting documents. Address of the OCAC: 3rd Floor, No. 5, Xuzhou Rd., Taipei City, Tel: 02-2327-2640. After application, it takes 3-5 business days for OCAC to issue the certificate which can be picked up in person or be mailed to the person concerned.

2. Required documents:

  1. Preferential treatment application form for overseas compatriot students.
  2.  A photocopy of academic qualifications. The original will be checked over-the-counter.
  3.  A photocopy of identity. The original will be checked over-the-counter.

3. After receiving the preferential treatment (bonus points) certificate for overseas compatriot students, students who do not use the certificate during the year, for reasons such as suspension, may return the certificate to the OCAC for annulment.

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