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How do overseas compatriot students request transcripts of their studies in Taiwan?

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1. Application procedures: Applications may be submitted at Counter 5 of the Department of Student Affairs of the OCAC either in person or by an entrusted agent with relevant supporting documents. Address of the OCAC: 3rd Floor, No. 5, Xuzhou Rd., Taipei City, Tel: 02-2327-2640. After application, it takes 3-5 business days for OCAC to issue the transcript which can be picked up in person or be mailed to the person concerned.

2. Required documents:

  1. Application form for transcripts for overseas compatriot students.
  2.  A photocopy of academic qualifications. The original will be checked over-the-counter.
  3.  A photocopy of identity. The original will be checked over-the-counter.
  4.  For those who have discontinued their study (e.g., by suspension or deferral), a supporting document issued by the school should be attached.