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YTMAT Organizes "Service Innovation Seminar" for Overseas Compatriot Youths

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On January 20th, the Young Taiwanese Merchants Association of Toronto (YTMAT) held its first event of the year, the Entrepreneurial Journey 2: Service Innovation Seminar. Ethan Lin, the owner of WEWCA, was invited to deliver a keynote talk. He has extensive experience in helping clients develop new services using innovative tools. Previously, he worked at the Institute for Information Industry (III), lectured at several universities in Taiwan, and served as a strategic director and senior product manager at tech startups. Director Paul Lan from the Culture Centre of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto also attended the event.

Director Lan expressed his delight in seeing many young entrepreneurs attending the lecture. He encouraged the young audience to support President Ishi Wang's candidacy for this year's "International Youth Goodwill Ambassador" organized by the OCAC. He believes that by harnessing the business vitality, community connections, and cultural ties of Taiwanese-Canadian young entrepreneurs, we can foster further connections with mainstream Canadian society and elevate Taiwan's visibility on the global stage. He also encouraged young individuals to engage more actively in events organized by Taiwanese associations, aiming to infuse the local community with fresh energy and vitality. Additionally, he urged them to promote Taiwan during various upcoming cultural events in Toronto.

The event also featured a video titled "Taiwan: Force for Good," produced by MOFA to promote Taiwan. According to Ishi Wang, President of YTMAT, many Taiwanese youths aspire to start their own businesses, and some have already achieved success in their entrepreneurial pursuits. YTMAT organizes events to provide young people with entrepreneurial knowledge, networks, and resources. In this lecture by WEWCA founder, participants learned from practical case studies on utilizing innovative technological methods and tools to improve appointment management services, providing young attendees with valuable entrepreneurship insights.

Keynote speaker Ethan Lin, Owner of WEWCA, shared his company's appointment management service as an example to illustrate ways for analyzing user needs, designing corresponding service flows, and creating incentives that are relevant to users. He also explained how his company optimizes service flow design and cost control by stimulating and using service scenarios. The lecture maintained a very clear theme and was well-structured. All the participating young entrepreneurs found the discussion highly beneficial.

A lunch gathering followed the lecture, offering participants the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with the speakers. Young entrepreneurs also seized the chance to network, exchanging business insights and exploring potential collaborations. Director Lan also discussed with young entrepreneurs from Brampton about future cooperation concerning the "i Compatriot Card" Overseas Authorized Stores. Overall, the event provided a platform for exchanging entrepreneurial experiences and attracted around 60 overseas youth attendees. 
Group Photo of Seminar Participants, including Director Paul Lan of the Culture Centre of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto (fourth from left, second row), WEWCA founder Ethan Lin (fifth from left) and YTMAT President Ishi Wang (third from right)
Director Paul Lan encouraged young entrepreneurs to connect with local society and promote Taiwanese culture.
YTMAT President Ishi Wang hosted the lecture and also presented "Taiwan: Force for Good," a video that promotes Taiwan.
Ethan Lin, Owner of WEWCA, shared practical cases while participants listened attentively.
Young Entrepreneur Tom Chiu shared his business experience.

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