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Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Ryan Limb

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Ryan is currently Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Macro International, North America's leading supplier of neoprene material and his family's business since 1984. 

Prior to joining Macro International, Ryan worked at L'Oréal, the world's largest beauty company with 35+ brands sold in the USA and $8+ billion in revenue. During Ryan's time at L'Oréal, he worked directly under the head of sales for the Consumer Products Division, L'Oréal USA's largest division by volume, handling CapEx re-structures for the department's top brands and pioneering key brand sales partnerships.

Prior to L'Oréal, Ryan received his MBA from Cornell Johnson School of Management, majoring in Marketing and Management. At Cornell, Ryan was selected as an Admissions Group member where he worked closely with admissions faculty to select the next wave of incoming Cornell MBA students. He was also selected to be a Cornell Campus Ambassador, speaking with many prospective students about applying to the program. Ryan was also elected President of Cornell's Asia Business Association and the school's Golf Club.
Pre-MBA, Ryan graduated from NYU in 2012, where he played volleyball as a Middle Blocker. He then began his professional career in marketing at a leading digital marketing agency in NYC. After that experience, he returned to his hometown Orange County CA and began developing his presence in real estate sales.

Ryan currently lives with his wife in Irvine, CA. In his free time, he loves to play golf, volleyball, and explore new tech/experiences.
Introduction of 2021 Global Young Entrepreneur Star:Ryan Limb

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